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Mahindra Tractors - Navnath Automotive
Mahindra Tractors - Navnath Automotive Mahindra Tractors INR Mahindra Tractors - Navnath Automotive
Dipti Commercial Complex, Nira Baramati Road kasba, baramati 412306

Mahindra Tractors - Navnath Automotive, kasba, baramati Tractor and Farm Equipment Showroom in kasba, baramati, maharashtra

Dipti Commercial Complex, Nira Baramati Road, Nearby Masoba Mandir, kasba, baramati, maharashtra - 412306

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Most Purchased Models
OJA 2127 OJA 2127
7009fbbc-08dc-4abc-a445-de83f8d0dad6 OJA 2127
4.26 100
The Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to make your work efficient during the longest days. The engine power of 20.5 kW (27 HP) and hydraulics lifting capacity of 950 kg take on hard-to-handle chores, and the quality of components, engineering and assembly are to be bet on. These tractors have been expertly designed to bring comfort, convenience and precision in vineyard, orchard farming, intercultural and puddling operations. Fix 0
ec69e282-a610-43df-a3c4-49660d7e0cc5 JIVO 225 DI 4WD
4.26 100
Introducing the powerhouse of efficiency and control - the Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD Tractor! With fuel efficient 14.7 kW (20 HP) engine ensuring power and control, 2300 rated RPM (r/min), and 750 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity, this latest tractor ensures smooth operations. This Mahindra mini tractor is also known for its ability to pull heavy loads and travel long distances in a short time. These compact tractors also offer high fuel efficiency, draft control, excellent land preparation, and comfortable seating. Upgrade your farming game with the Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD Tractor. Fix 0
3208c97e-ad08-4f58-b21f-7a01b1d961ac 475 DI XP PLUS
4.26 100
Enhance your agricultural productivity effortlessly with the exceptional Mahindra 475 DI XP PLUS Tractor. The Mahindra 475 XP PLUS Tractor is the latest tractor that has a 32.8 kW (44 HP) DI engine with a torque of 172.1 Nm, four cylinders, dual-acting power steering, and 1500 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity. Its remarkable 29.2 kW (39.2 HP) PTO power guarantees enhanced efficiency for accomplishing various tilling requirements. The Mahindra 2WD tractor also comes with a six-year-long warranty. With its seamless transmission, sleek design, comfortable seating, extraordinary brake, cost-effective maintenance, and bigger tires for unparalleled traction, this exceptional product is an irresistible choice. Fix 0
5ac81731-ccf3-4027-9a60-61dece8c8c6e 415 DI SP PLUS
4.26 100
The MAHINDRA 415 DI SP PLUS tractor! Designed to revolutionize your agricultural business, this mighty machine combines raw power with unmatched fuel efficiency. This Mahindra 415 SP PLUS tractor has a 30.9 kW (42 HP) DI engine, four cylinders, dual acting power steering, and 1500 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity. Fix 0
c6a0d6aa-b802-4385-87d7-f694bb5cbf7d 575 YUVO TECH+ 4WD
4.26 100
The Mahindra 575 YUVO TECH+ 4WD Tractors are powerful and efficient machines designed for agricultural work with advanced technology. With a 35 kW (47 HP) ELS engine and 1700 kg lifting capacity, they offer excellent performance. Fix 0
df90085b-c45d-400d-bdcb-4cbfc06590eb ARJUN 555 DI
4.26 100
Introducing the powerhouse of productivity - The Mahindra ARJUN 555 DI Tractor! Unleash the true potential of your farm with its unbeatable features and unmatched fuel efficiency. This latest tractor packs an advanced 36.7 KW (49.3 HP) engine, power steering, and 1800 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity. Fix 0
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vikas mane
(Translated by Google) Model 2010 single owner single pump oil brake for sale in Baramati (Original) विक्रीसाठी आहे बारामती मध्ये मॉडेल 2010 सिंगल ओनर साधा पंप ऑइल ब्रेक
Asim Shaikh
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Ravindra Jadha
Nice people
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About Mahindra Tractors
For over 3 decades, Mahindra has been India’s undisputed No.1 tractor brand and the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volumes. Part of the $19.4 bn Mahindra Group, Mahindra Tractors is an integral part of the Farm Division which is the flagship unit of Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES). Our advanced R&D facilities help provide cutting-edge and innovative technology solutions to farmers across the globe. With robust manufacturing facilities across 8 countries around the globe, we raise the bar on excellence in quantity and quality every year. At the forefront of Mahindra is its dedication to quality. We are the world’s first and only tractor manufacturer to win the prestigious Japan Quality Medal and Deming Application Prize.

Yes, Mahindra Tractors is an Indian company and has been the country’s top tractor manufacturer and market leader for the last 37 years. It is also the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, with a presence in more than 40 countries including North America, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, and Japan

For 37 years, we have worked closely with farmers, allowing us to better understand their needs and challenges. We offer a wide range of tractors suited for the variety of farmers’ needs, and for all different types of soil. Our tractors offer power, quality, and reliability at an affordable price. Our range includes Mahindra SP Plus , Mahindra XP Plus, Mahindra Jivo , Mahindra Yuvo, Mahindra Arjun and Mahindra Novo. Buying Mahindra Tractors allows farmers to run their business more efficiently, owing to our powerful engines, impressive mileage, AC cabin, and horsepower ranging from 15 HP to 74 HP.

Mahindra mini tractors are primarily used for horticulture farming in gardens and orchards. They come in compact sizes, making them ideal for a variety of crops like cotton, grapes, lentils, pomegranate, sugar, groundnut, and others. You can also utilize them for land-fragmenting and after-operation work. Some of our bestselling compact tractors are the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT and Mahindra JIVO range.

The Mahindra Tractors toll-free number is 18002100700, which remains open for communication 24 hours a day. You can also reach us at tractorcare@mahindra.com for any assistance.

Mahindra Tractors manufactures a variety of models ranging from 15 to 74 HP. When looking for Mahindra tractors with up to 20 HP, you can opt for Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT. For a more powerful tractor, consider purchasing Mahindra Arjun Ultra-1 605 DI or Mahindra Novo 755 DI. We have a variety of tractor ranges to suit your farming needs.

Mahindra JIVO: Compact tractors, most suitable for all agricultural operations

Mahindra XP Plus: Tough range of tractors with powerful engines and lowest fuel consumption

Mahindra SP Plus: Powerful tractors offering high fuel efficiency, high max torque

Mahindra YUVO: Technologically advanced tractors ensuring better, faster operations due to their advanced hydraulics, powerful engine, and feature-rich transmission

Arjun NOVO : Built to handle 40 farming operations including haulage, puddling, reaping, harvesting, and more

Yes, the Mahindra Tractors power steering option makes it easier to drive the tractors. Below is a list of the Mahindra Tractors ranges with power steering option.

Mahindra JIVO: Power Steering

Mahindra XP Plus: Dual Acting Power Steering

Mahindra SP Plus: Dual Acting Power Steering

Mahindra YUVO: Power Steering

Arjun NOVO: Power Steering, Double Acting Power steering

The Mahindra Tractors price depends on multiple factors such as type of tractor, down payment, financing, and others. Contact us or visit your nearest Mahindra dealership for more information on tractor price.

Mahindra Tractors vast tractor range fulfills a variety of farming and harvesting needs. Choose a model based on your land’s soil condition, budget, and requirement of horsepower, engine and lift capacity.